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Every dog staying at Houston Animal Rescue Team receives the highest level of care. This includes but is not limited to eating 4 star dog food, receiving supplements to improve their health, all needed medical care. H.A.R.T dogs receive everything they need to reach their full potential both physically and mentally. The average expense per dog is around $80 per month with initial medical care costs averaging $250-350.


By sponsoring a dog you become an integral part in not only saving more dogs lives but healing each of the broken, abused or neglected dogs and allowing them to leave H.A.R.T renewed and ready to move on with their new lives."


When you sponsor a dog you will be sent pictures and updates on the dog you are helping us care for!

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Sponsor A Dog


Medical Care Sponsor


Providing a spay/ neuter, dental, exam, all vaccinations necessary for newly arrived H.A.R.T dogs.



$280 a month

Nutrition  Sponsor


Providing nutritional care, food, supplements, flea medication, Tri-Heart heartworm prevention

and treats.



$80 a month

Behavior Modification Programs


Includes all items from other two sponsorship options, plus you will be helping  your sponsored pup learn new skills to become more adoptable


$800 - $2,000 a month

Any amount helps

HART relies on the donations of our generous supporters.  Our website is secure and we only process credit cards through the safety and security of PayPal (or send a check to NEED ADDRESS).  

To donate, click the link below. Your donations help us continue in our mission!


Pet Portraits in Pastel Fundraiser

Send us your pet's picture, and we will send you a beautiful portrait of him or her professionally painted.


9x12 – $120 





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We’re always in need of volunteers…especially foster homes!  If you’re interested, click the link below and complete our adoption/foster application! We have other roles available as well. Click the volunteer Application to learn more.





Help us save lives! Please visit our Amazon Wishlist to select items to sponsor or choose the  PayPal link to donate.

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