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You can provide ongoing operations support

  • $10 per month pays for a microchip or rabies vaccination.

  • $50 per month pays for life-saving heartworm treatments for 3 dogs each year.  

  • $100 per month pays for a spay or neuter procedure for every single month.

  • HART’s pets also need everyday items like office, cleaning and laundry supplies.



HART is a 501(c)(3) animal rescue comprised of volunteers who want to make a difference in outcomes for homeless pets.

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Our Organization

Houston Animal Rescue Team - HART’s board is comprised of Houston-area people who have long been active in animal rescue, and who want to make a difference in outcomes for stray animals and those surrendered to local shelters. This endeavor has foster-based rescues, and we also augmented our capability to save animals with a kennel-based system built on a beautiful property in North Houston.

Rescued pets are fully vetted and, when ready, adopted out on-site at the facility,  or through meetings with fosters. HART also coordinates with shelters in the northern U.S. to find homes for pets that aren’t adopted locally. Additionally, HART provides information, education and community advocacy to improve animal welfare, via adoption, training,  and fundraising events, visits to schools, and through social media. The facility is designed for efficient sanitation and maximum comfort and socialization opportunities for the animals.  We look forward to working with a dedicated group of volunteers to reaffirm that Houston has a terrific HART.

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